dan (verbalkint) wrote,

carcrash culture

[a song. i have the melody set, but no music. and a few bits i haven't decided on, you'll note.
it's sortof about jack, and sortof not]

carcrash kills him
cancer thrills him
bursting from your throat
now she's passed out
drugged out, put out
this is all we know

let's try lying
flailing, dying
in this atmosphere
when we set down
if we're let down
at least i have you near

in this disaster
if we must fall, we're falling faster
faster than light, until we're gone
in this disaster
if we must fall, we're falling faster
faster than ever before, after
after we're gone

carcrash culture
cancer like vulture
there's no other way
we're all let down
screaming no sound
crying 40 days

clouds like coffins
words not often
bursting from my throat
please don't leave me
please don't grieve me
i'm not worth the note


no tumors no rumors
no fumes or perfumers
no laughing or crying
or kissing or dying
it's all instrumental
not loving, not gentle
no fear anymore

carcrash culture
cancer like vultures
pecking out our memories
love like lichen
panicked and frightened
that any(one/of you) (could/will) ever leave

carcrash killed him
cancer thrilled him
he found a new way
anchored, let down
screaming no sound
i never learned to pray


carcrash vampire
friends (on/like) fire
just burn me before you go
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