dan (verbalkint) wrote,


my friend has two eyes
and a beautiful smile
and cancer in her brain

my friend has a big beating heart
and 34 piercings
and surgical scars down her neck

i swear from the pain when i stub my toes
while people are being eaten by bears
while killer bees rape infants
while the titanic hits iceburg after iceburg

while the oceans boil and whales drink blood
and the rapture knocks earth out of its orbit
i worry about finding a new job
about buying generic zoloft with no insurance because sometimes i'm sad

but at least i have you
thank you for not dying, coming home from work today
it was wonderful, the way you dodged that bus
so graceful! you didn't even seem to notice
you fell in no open manholes
you were not ravaged by wolves or serial rapists
thank you for your continuing survival
you could have plowed your car into your choice of trees or embankments
your fuel tank could have inexplicably burst, giving you shrapnel and burns and slow pain until blank
but instead, you came home, you had dinner and digested it and drew in breath
and so i thank you

someone asked me once why everything I write involves a car crash
it’s because I don’t know anyone who’s died in a car crash
so I haven’t learned to fear them yet

i don't want to witness another friend fighting off cancer
slowly wilting, dropping leaves until they are left a painted mannequin at another memorial
robbed of all the vitality of a human body i should have given more hugs

i don't want to hear more speeches about the dearly departed and their many charms that went so long unnoticed
because despite the sincerity, it all sounds like lies.

let's fall in love with each other and then die

because in 3 hours i will be asleep in my bed
unless my car gets sideswiped on the way home
and if you're driving that killer car
i hope you get out, step into the wreckage, kiss me on the cheek, and say
"i'm glad to finally meet you"

when the comets are coming and they're passing out koolaid
and they ask, do you want yours with or without poison?
don't answer until you're sure, because poison isn't cheap these days,
but life still is.

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